La Burla is a holiday farmhouse in which passion, tradition and most of all love for animals are the values that made a dream come true.
The restaurant, with a 150 seating capacity roughly, is a delightful and elegant venue, yet rustic and informal too.
For lunch, you will be astonished by a triumph of colors unveiled by the beauty of surrounding nature, whereas in the evening, for dinner, an intimate atmosphere will reconcile all your senses together.
Wrapped in this uniqueness and sophisticated cooking, you can taste and enjoy local tradition and gourmet food, and you will be tempted by the premium treats of our chefs. A rich selection of wines will match the dishes offering a gourmet deli whose single detail is ultimately pursued.
Besides in our restaurant we organize theme culinary delights evenings such as for example mixed meat stew, Piedmontese fried assortment, bagna cauda and bourguignonne.
Taste the products of our farm whenever you wish, have a pleasant break and cherish the finest flavors.